Saturday, December 5, 2009

Isn't this the truth?!?

Would you look at this onesie Kimmie brought on Wednesday? Who needs Santa when I have Grandma? Aaron wore this to the doctor on Thursday and Doctor Everett saw him and immediately said, "That's the truth!"

Speaking of Grandmas, here is the beloved barn from Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom. God Bless Them! Mama had a hard day Thursday and then this barn showed up and Aaron was enthralled for a long, long time. I appreciated it more than I should have.

Here is one of the other toys that Aaron got in Ohio for Christmas. He got four toys. They are really neat. They do all kinds of different things and they are all learning toys. Aaron's favorite one is the Vtech cell phone, of course. Now he has a cell phone in one room and a Baby Blackberry in another room so there is always a favorite toy around.

Can you see this stocking? It says Baby's First Christmas and has a picture of Aaron. We love this! It's from Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom. We haven't decided where we are going to put it yet. We are woefully behind on Christmas decorating, but never fear! Papa John and Kimmie are on the case. They will be here tomorrow with what I presume will be way more decorations than we could possibly use, but by tomorrow night we should be festive!

This week sure got away from us. It was pretty hard decompressing from our trip. Kimmie came on Wednesday to see Aaron and I had grandiose plans of getting caught up on some things while she played with him. Well, I couldn't leave the room without Aaron crying and trying to chase me down. I was surprised because he sees Kimmie pretty often. He did well with her, but he wanted me around. He also wouldn't let her touch him. He could touch her, but she couldn't touch him. He would sit on the floor and entertain her and he even crawled up to her and played with her shirt, but he knew exactly where I was and she was not to pick him up. Goodness! He is such a sweet boy. Really, he is, but he's got some kind of phase going on right now that I hope is short lived.


Jenna said...

I heart that onesie!!!

Spicy Magnolia said...

I love the onesie and stocking! Brennan has been having a clingy week as well and wanting to be held lots. It makes life interesting, doesn't it? Happy Christmas decorating tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

What an adorable onsie! And it looks like he's gotten some really cool toys also. He looks so cute playing with them!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!