Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Deck the Halls

Wouldn't you know it? Aaron's finally feeling well enough to run around and it turns COLD. I am starting to feel awfully behind on things! We did finish decorating the house this weekend. John and Kim came after church on Sunday. John and Jory did the lights and then John and Kim played with Aaron while Jory and I finished the house decorations. When they left and Aaron went to bed Jory and I decorated the big tree by ourselves. That was a really special time.

These pictures are from when we got the Christmas tree last week. It was a nice day when we went out and we really enjoyed it. The place where we got the tree was so nice and fun and the people were amazing. It was a great family experience.

I have some pictures of our house decorations. I haven't taken any of Aaron's room because every time I think about it he's sleeping! Aaron's room is super cute. Kimmie got him a Noah's Ark Christmas Tree and I had a light up Noah's Ark display that was my grandma's that I put in there. We also have a ceramic Christmas display that was Jory's when he was little up on Aaron's shelves. The house is personalized with 'Jory'. It's super cute. We hung Aaron's First Christmas stocking in his room. I love, love, love that stocking.

Jory and I are leaving town this weekend. We are going to Jefferson for the Christmas Candlelight Tour of Homes. We are staying at a Bed & Breakfast and going to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We are really looking forward to it. We starting planning this trip back in September!

John and Kim are coming to keep Aaron. I hope they have as much fun as they did last time! Aaron is really in a fun stage right now. It should be a good time for all - as long as they can keep up with him! I keep wondering if he'll take off walking while we are gone. He is very close. He does this crawl-walk thing that we call the Downward Dog Walk. He pushes up from the floor and stands alone, but he hasn't tried to take a step alone. He only holds on to furniture with one or two fingers when he's walking, though, so I feel like it could be soon. Maybe not. I can wait!

I hope you are having a wonderful week. I cooked a big pot of Cowboy Chili last night and we had a fire in the fire place. So nice! Stay warm...


Spicy Magnolia said...

Everything looks beautiful! Isn't it a fun time of year to get all cozy by a fire with a big bowl of chili...that sounds perfect! I'm sorry to hear Aaron has a cold now. :( What a fun weekend to look forward to though and some special people to take care of Aaron. I hope it's a very special weekend!

Anonymous said...

Quick note to let you know I read it. I'm glad you got to decorate the house and that Aaron is feeling better. Sounds like a great, cozy, lots of good-feelings time. I'm thankful you could have that.