Friday, December 4, 2009

Wrapping up Thanksgiving Week

The last day we were in Ohio was very good. We normally leave the day after a holiday, but this time we didn't leave until Saturday, so it wasn't rushed. We also generally have early flights so the last day is just travel, but we didn't fly out until 6pm so we really got to enjoy Saturday. Jory started the day by running in a 5K with my brother. Aaron and I did not join him. It was 35 degrees. He seemed to enjoy it. We enjoyed hanging out at Dad's in the heat.

When Jory came home we got packed and headed to Bob Evans for Brunch. Here are pictures of Aaron enjoying the menu. I LOVE Bob Evans. We don't have them in Texas, so we ate at Bob Evans three times over the six days we were in Ohio (we also went to Kennedy's Bakery four times. We did not, however, hit Wally's - that was our nod to self control).

After Bob's we headed to Doug's to say goodbye to his family and to try to get a picture of the five cousins together. As you can see, we got it, but it took 30 takes. Immediately after that, Aaron peed on Doug's living room carpet and we decided it was time to make our exit! HA! It was a really good day. I so enjoyed having the ability to take our time and the late flight worked out well. Aaron only slept part of the first flight, but he was sweet and smiley while he was awake. Everyone loved him. There were A LOT of babies on that flight and most of them screamed the entire way. Aaron did not so much as fuss and several people commented on it. Then on the next flight, before we took off, Aaron entertained everyone with his smiles and personality. It brought me such joy to see him making people happy. It was really a great moment for me. I just kept thinking about how my baby is already bringing joy to others. It was thrilling. We do have so much to be Thankful for. I am glad to have wonderful memories of Aaron's first Thanksgiving.

Starting tomorrow I will post the happenings since we've been home. I have a lot to update you on and I have some very cute pictures! I hope you all had as wonderful of a holiday as we did!

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