Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catching Up

I feel very behind on Blogging. I will try to get caught up this week. I will tell you that our movers are coming Thursday and that is also the day that phone and Internet services are supposed to switch to our Dallas apartment, so I may get a little behind again, but I'll try.

For Valentine's Day, I stole an idea directly from my friend Allison and made reservations for our Family of Three at a Japanese Hibachi Grill. I will tell you that we got a lot of glares when we walked in on Valentine's Weekend with a baby (even though I made the reservations for 4:30!), but it was really fun!

Aaron had his eyes glued on our chef, as you can see in these pictures, and the chef loved Aaron. Everyone at our table ended up watch Aaron's reactions instead of watching the chef perform. It was so much fun. He was just in utter awe. That's a chopstick in his hand, by the way.
The chef did some steak really well done for Aaron and cut it up sooo tiny just for him. He completely catered to our boy and Little Man ate it up! So did everyone around him. It was a really neat way to spend Valentine's day.
This is a picture of Aaron with the Valentine's Bear that Kimmie got him. I will say 'Thank God for Grandparents'. Grandma Beth sent Aaron a Valentine's Package that included the SWEETEST book. I must take a picture. And Kimmie sent him a card in the mail that he played with A LOT and gave him this bear. If it wasn't for Grandmas, Aaron would have received nothing for Valentine's this year. Nothing. I should be too proud to admit that, but I guess I'm not. He didn't even wear a red sweater and I didn't buy him a bib that says 'Baby's First Valentine's'. Nothing. It is incredibly pitiful and I'm already trying to figure out what picture I'll use for February in next year's calendar. But all of that to say, 'Thank God for Grandparents!'
This was Aaron's Valentine's Project while Jory and I finished packing for him to head to Dallas for the week. Aaron dumped a bag of Starburst on the ground and, one by one, placed each of them in one of Daddy's shoes. This took a really long time and he let out great big sighs often. Then he would look at us as if to say "Are you appreciating the effort I am putting in here???"

And today Aaron was eating lunch and I was reading the paper and I swear to you, he cleared his throat! I looked up and he had eaten everything on his plate. He was looking at me like, "Ummm...I'm out of food here!"And here he is with a huge bowl of corn that I brought from home. We went to Chick Fil A today for a Farewell Lunch with our Sunday School Class. Aaron was the sweetest boy ever. I was so proud of him!


Spicy Magnolia said...

What a great idea to go to a Japanese restaurant with all the fun food cookin' in front of you! We just might have to try that soon.
I totally skimped out on Valentine's too. I keep tellin' myself, "I gotta get it together" in thinking in advance about these kinda holidays. Easter. Easter's next. Help me remember. :) Your Aaron is so sweet!
Hope your moving goes well, Sara! Blessings, friend.

Rebekah said...

I think the Japanese restaurant is perfect! Cilla would love that! How funny about the Starbursts! We have to get creative some days, too! There are days that not one toy satisfies her. So, she empties drawers, containers, shelves, and anything else I will let her reorganize!

lillabettes-meanders said...

He looks festive in that white outfit with the red train! Just put him in that, put one of the Valentine Day's cards he got-- I know one had a big red heart on it or the book with the red heart, take a picture, and Wa La!--you have your Feb. holiday pic. No one will know or care years from now when they're looking at it!
I think the Japanese restaurant idea was super!

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