Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Good Days

Aaron and I have had a good couple of days. Jory made it home tonight in time to see Aaron before he went to Bible Study, so that really made it a good day!

Yesterday, we went to the library with Jacquelyn and Emerson. It was so fun! Three 14-year-old violinists put on a concert. They have all been playing since they were 4-6 years old and they were very good. It was for preschoolers and all of the other kids in there were 3-5 years old. I think I scared a few people by bringing Aaron in, but he was mesmerized by the music. As long as they were playing, he was completely focused. In between the songs he got a little fidgety, but he didn't make any noise. Several people came up to me afterwards and said they couldn't believe how focused he was on the music!
After the concert, we went over to the book section of the library and Aaron stayed busy reading.

When we came home I packed the front room up and Aaron, again, stayed busy reading! HA!

Aaron actually did really we while I packed up the room. I packed all of our china, crystal and glass. By the Grace of God, nothing got broken and we had a good time doing it. Aaron watched me wrapping things in newspaper, so he took his camera and wrapped it up! How cute?!?

Today we had Bible Study in the morning and in the afternoon we packed up the living room. Slowly we are getting there. We should have a better idea later in the week of when we are moving.

Jory is having a great week. His commute has been MUCH better than we anticipated and he is really enjoying his job. Yesterday was a lot of paperwork and orientation, but today he was working. He really thinks he is going to like this!
As a last update, we are still waiting to hear on the inspection. Our option period ends Friday and after that, we should be pretty safe.

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The Skaggs said...

So cute! How fun! I need to take Micah to the library - I think he would love it.