Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Today was another busy day, but we sure are starting to miss that Daddy. Has it only been a few days??? Aaron got up real early this morning so he could see Jory before he left for Dallas. He was sleepy, but so excited to see his daddy. When Jory waved goodbye Aaron gave him a big smile and held out his arms. "No bye bye, Daddy. I go with you!"
It took Jory exactly two hours to get to the office from our house. That's not too bad and he is going to start staying here on Sunday nights, too. Jory had a great day at work and is really liking the atmosphere and the work he's been given. His plate is filling up quickly and that's good. He's actually working late tonight. It's raining in Dallas and the highway is moving pretty slowly, so he is going to let traffic lighten up before he hits the road.

Aaron and I had MOPS this morning. I had to make a coffee cake to bring and I made that while Aaron sat in his high chair and watched me. I am blessed that Aaron loves to watch me cook. I have no problems sitting him in his chair and going about my business. He has been watching me cook almost every day since we brought him home from the hospital. I used to put his bouncy seat in the kitchen and now he has his high chair. I narrate everything I am doing - it's Aaron's personal cooking show!

This afternoon I got a little more packing done, but not much. I was running slower today. My sweet friend Charity came over tonight and brought me an awesome dinner which was SO nice and SO good. We got to chat for a little while and she got to love on Sweet Aaron.

We are STILL waiting to hear on the house. We have been told that they have a list of amendments they want to attach to the contract based on the inspection (though we believe most will be minor), but we do not have them yet. We were supposed to get them either yesterday or today and then this morning we were told that we would definitely have them today. Since the option period ends on Friday, the negotiation time is shrinking and I am very ready to have all of this settled!


Anonymous said...

He looks especially cute in these pictures! Is he eating Cheerios?
So he likes to watch you cook, loves books, and is mesmerized by music. I don't know how Jory fits into all that, but I know all 3 sound like you--esp. with the violins!

The house will work out.


Melissa said...

These pics are precious girl! He is adorable and growing so fast!!!!