Monday, February 1, 2010

Wonderful Morning

We have had a great morning all the way around in the Allen family! First, Aaron slept until 6:30! This is very good for Mama and all that extra sleep sure made Aaron a sweet baby this morning. When I heard him talking in his crib I went to make his bottle. This is new for me. A few weeks ago, we weaned Aaron to a bottle in the morning. Since then, Daddy has been in charge of the morning routine and Mama has gotten a few extra minutes in the bed. So, I went to make the bottle and when I went into Aaron's room he was just playing so sweetly in his crib. He sure was excited to see me, though! I know why Jory loves to get him up in the morning. Such a fun way to start your day. I really enjoyed giving that sweet boy his bottle.

We got changed and started our breakfast. Aaron had oatmeal and mangoes. He likes mangoes alright, but they are hard for him to get a grip on to eat, so it took a while. Jory called on his way to work. That was so nice. Jory has planned to leave Grandad's house at 6:30 each morning to beat traffic and, hopefully, make it to Dallas in under an hour. Today, though, he wasn't going to have access to his building until 8:30 so he didn't leave North Richland Hills until 7:15. This is the height of rush hour, uggg. BUT, he made it to his office before 8:00! It may have been a fluke (no wrecks on I635 is definitely a fluke), but it sure made Jory's day - and ours, too.
Aaron's down for his morning nap. When we wakes up we have to head out because the inspector is coming. (Please say a prayer that all goes well). We are heading over to the Evans' - Emerson LOVES Baby Aaron - and then we are all going to the library to watch a preschool musical concert. How fun is that? Aaron LOVES music, so I think this will be great. Have a wonderful day!

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Melissa said...

what a sweet face to wake up to every morning! I know you guys miss Jory so much! Take care of each other! Keep us updated on the house sale. Prayers being said for you guys during this time!