Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rainy Day

Today was drizzly and cold all day and Aaron and I had nothing we had to do, so we had a lazy day indoors. You would think that I would have gotten all kinds of stuff done, but I didn't do anything! I'm really disappointed in myself and I'm going to have to spend my evening packing since I certainly didn't spend my day doing it.

We got our amendments from the home buyer today. He only asked for one thing - a new roof. This is actually a pretty reasonable request since we had a massive hail storm two weeks ago. The buyer has had an inspector and a roofer look at it and is asking that the entire thing be replaced. We have a roofer coming out tomorrow (provided it stops raining) to estimate the costs to repair the hail damage. Provided it is less than our home owner's deductible, we are going to offer to repair the damage. If the buyer insists on the new roof we will file an insurance claim, but ask that he pay the deductible. But, in the worst case scenario, if he insists on a new roof (and our insurance adjuster agrees that it is warranted) and refuses to pay the deductible, we'll find a way to do it and just be done with it. We know that the damage happened while we owned the house and we suspect that anyone buying the house would ask for the same thing. So, one way or the other, we hope to get this thing sold soon. Now it's just being drug out a little more. Please pray for our attitudes and patience. We really want a contract signed so that we can move in together!!!

I think this picture is great. Do you see the mirror behind Aaron? Do you see that he was practicing his kisses on it?Jory had another great day at work and another good commute. He left his dad's early and drove to an area where we would really like to live. He left that neighborhood at 7am and made it to work in less than 30 minutes! Very encouraging!The Munchkin seems to have abandoned crawling for good now. He walks everywhere and if he falls he just gets up and keeps on trucking. It's a little unsettling how quickly he can be gone now!


Spicy Magnolia said...

I'm so glad Jory is enjoying his job! That's great news; and I hope things continue to go well with the house. I'm sure you're just ready to be done with it! And I'm impressed with all that you've gotten done packing,'re doing great!

I love the picture of the mirror with all of Aaron's kisses; isn't it the sweetest thing when they try to kiss themselves? so sweet!

Rebekah said...

I can't believe how good he is walking! Cilla is still holding on to everything when she walks. I can't believe you are all ready to move!

Anonymous said...

He looks so much like a toddler! Glad you're going to have a quiet weekend with your "men" this weekend.

Melissa said...

It's so hard to do stuff when you have such a fun playmate to play with!