Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Day

Aaron and I had a fun day today. Toby and Ryan came to the house to pick up Jory for their annual Memorial Weekend Golf Tournament in Arkansas. Aaron wanted to play baseball

So Daddy showed him the game room

Uncle Rock pitching

Aaron convincing his 'uncles' to give him snacks.

Isn't this a sweet picture with Uncle Rock?

And Uncle TC

Aaron asked Toby to push him on his tricycle and Toby gladly obliged. It was so fun to watch Toby and Ryan playing with Aaron. He had such a good time with them and they were so sweet with him.

When they left Aaron had lunch. I bought this booster seat recently and it has been great. It is super compact and so easy to take anywhere. It fits on any chair. I take it anywhere there might not be a high chair since Aaron is too mobile to feed when he's not strapped in. It has made my life a lot easier come meal time and it is working great at the house since we haven't taken the high chair over yet.

While Aaron took a super long nap I did some work in the house. This is 'My Kitchen Prayer'. It was my grandmother's and she moved it to every house she lived in. They moved a lot because Grandpap was a Methodist Minister. I have moved it with me for years now and it is always the first thing I hang up in a new house.

Tonight Aaron was such a ham after his bath. He figured out how to hold this block in his mouth so that it covered his nose and he went around snorting like a pig! I was laughing so hard. He LOVES to get others tickled.

Hope your day and your Memorial Weekend is great!

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B. Meandering said...

That is so funny about the pig immitation! Teachers will love him--bright, easy-going, and funny!

I just love that simple items can be handed down from generation to generation and carry such meaning. Grandma never had the money for the beautiful knick knacks your other grandma had;(that's the reason I started the Precious Moments collection because she always wanted a "collection"); liitle did she realize how valuable her "ordinary stuff" would be!