Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some Pictures and Updates

I think Aaron is at a great stage right now. He's sweet and fun. He loves to prove that he understands you, so following directions is really fun for him. When we say, "go put away your toys" we don't get a tantrum, we get a boy excited to prove that he can and so proud of himself when he does.
He understands most directions. He can put something in the laundry, the trash or his room. He can find things that he's put somewhere. He is doing more and more on his own. He is completely self-sufficient with drinking from a cup now. He has also started eating toast and sandwiches that aren't cut up - just eating them like a big person. We're still working on the spoon, though.

He can point out a lot of things in pictures. If you show him a picture and ask him where the whatever is, he usually gets it. He gets confused between cats and dogs, though, and he'll insist that you are wrong on that one.

If you ask him where his daddy is, he'll point to Jory. If you ask him where his mama is, he'll point to himself. I'm obviously not making a very big impression. He can point out a lot of his body parts.

He is a real ham. And he's a real boy. We are working on touching gentle, but he's a wrestler for sure. He loves to dance and he loves music. He loves to laugh and he loves to make others laugh. He loves to do something that causes people to clap and praise him. He gets very proud of himself. And he loves to give sweet hugs!


Laura said...

He is so precious!! Love the pictures!

B. Meandering said...

How adorable! I "kicked out" from my room three boys and threatened to kick out three more students in 8th period today, so I needed to see the smiling face of my darling "little man!"

Robyn Beele said...

Such a sweet and smart boy! I love the picture in the sunglasses!