Monday, May 3, 2010

Project Life Tuesday

It's time for Project Life Tuesday. I am really enjoying this journal of our life.

Tuesday April 27, 2010

One day a week I stay in so that we can have a day at home just the two of us and so that we can clean and keep up around the house. Aaron really wanted to go somewhere this day. He has my keys in his hand is this picture. After this, he grabbed his shoes and, when I wouldn't put them on him, he tried to put them on himself! Too cute. So we spent some outside time at the apartment, but we didn't go anywhere. Wednesday. April 28, 2010

This was the day that we went to the Dallas Arboretum with Laura and her play group. Look at all of those babies! It was so fun. And here's a funny story: Aaron got a table for Christmas from Grandad and Mimi that plays music. He loves it! Still. When he first got it, he would stand up and lean on it and play the different songs. Then he would lean over real far into the table and start bouncing his knees. After a while, we figured out he was dancing! It's pretty funny. Now if you ask him to dance he runs to the table, plays the music and does his bounce. He has never 'danced' without the table. WELL, as soon as we got to our picnic spot at the Arboretum on Wednesday, Aaron started doing his bouncing thing. I honestly had to explain that he was dancing. Without music. He now does it all the time. Actually, he is doing it as I type this. He is SO proud of it and it's just too cute.

Thursday April 29, 2010

This was a FUN day! We went to Grandad's job site. Aaron had his own hard hat and it says 'Aaron Robert Allen, Grand Inspector'. Oh, it's so cute! I have a LOT of pictures from this day that I will post this week. Aaron had a blast. Grandad said we could come back any time and I hope he meant it.

Friday April 30, 2010

This is the day I decided to finally start packing up the house. I haven't done much. This is Aaron doing 'Strong Man' surrounded by packing materials. He had a great time helping me pack and climbing on and in the boxes. Aaron seems to enjoy the packing more than I do!

Saturday May 1, 2010

In the morning I went to a Woman's Brunch at Ann's church. It was great. Aaron and Daddy took a long walk while I was gone and seemed to have some good quality time. I still got back before lunch and we had a great family day on Saturday. We went to Katy Trail in Dallas and walked several miles with Aaron in the jogging stroller. We also did some driving and exploring around Dallas and just had a wonderful day.

Sunday May 2, 2010

Lazy Sunday afternoon!

Monday May 3, 2010

Aaron and I went to Ann's house for a little bit. I had to drop something off and Aaron had to check out the scene. Ann has a very cool house. She has real live chickens! We thought Aaron would be all over that, but he was mostly into her garden. Literally into her garden. Here he is very proudly showing of the very good dirt she has in her garden. Dirt, sticks, rocks, oh my! He picked up a chunk of dirt and shouted 'Dirt!' very excitedly!

And, finally, this is Aaron's proud face (and his milk moustache). Aaron had just drank an entire cup of milk on his own. We don't have problems with regular cups, but he is always very supervised. This time, the cup was just on his high chair all through lunch. He could pick it up when he wanted it, drink it and put it down all by himself. No interference from me. When he got done he was SO proud! I wish you could have seen him. He tried to follow that up by eating his applesauce unsupervised, but he's not quite ready for that. Not because of the mess, messes really don't bother me, but he just can't get quite enough to his mouth without a little help. We are working on it, though.


B. Meandering said...

That's a cool hard hat!

You liked to be on the "go" a lot too. Doug wanted to stay home and play in the dirt. Papa Roy could only stay in the house for so long and then he had to go for a walk or drive(after he couldn't walk well).

I notice his priorities in words--dirt is at the top, ha!

Bev said...

That face is priceless in the last picture!!!!

Spicy Magnolia said...

What a big, big boy!! I love the hard hat picture...that is really cool. I love the facial expressions and excitement that come from moments where babies are proud of themselves. It's hilarious. Glad you had a good week!

Rebekah said...

I am so glad you got to join the play group at the Arboretum! I have been wanting to go! It looks beautiful! How funny that he dances at his table!

Robyn Beele said...

That is so impressive that he is drinking by himself!