Sunday, May 2, 2010

What Aaron's Been Up To Lately

Obviously, he's been naked a lot! I don't know why I have naked pictures from this week, but I thought they were cute, so I'm using them. The bottom two show that we are packing once again. We are supposed to close on our house tomorrow, so I've been starting the process. We won't move for a while, but I've been doing some of the easy things to get them out of the way.
I haven't done an update on what Aaron's been up to for a while. He is almost fourteen months old and he's pretty busy. He organizes everything and he loves to rearrange. I, apparently, don't have anything set up correctly. He is now officially running. He started that at Grandad's job site which I will post pictures of soon. Not really the safest place for that milestone, but Grandad was all over Aaron, so I got to hang back and watch! He is also doing some climbing, but not a lot. I wouldn't call him a climber yet. He can get all the way of the stairs on his own, though.

He is super friendly and he is happy almost all of the time. He smiles nearly constantly and he laughs a lot. He has gotten very comfortable going to new places. He gets settled in to a new house pretty quickly and warms up to new people fast. He babbles a lot, but he's still not very verbal. He says 'Mom' (not Mama), 'Daddy', 'Bye Bye', 'Dog' and 'Door' (because he wants to go outside). He signs 'Please', 'More' and 'All Done'. None of these are in ASL (American Sign Language), though we have tried to teach him. It's more ASL (Aaron Sign Language), but we know what he's saying. He also shakes his head for 'No' now and it's super cute.

He loves dogs, being outside and eating. He is still a very good eater and he will eat almost anything, though he certainly has his preferences. The only thing he won't eat is chicken. Even if we try to sneak it in on him (or hide it in lasagna), it's the only thing he spits out. He's not a huge meat eater, in general, but he'll tolerate it all except for chicken. He loves omelets and he really loves fresh tomatoes and baked sweet potatoes. He is a good vegetable eater. He ate a ton of peas the other day. He likes carrots, celery and red bell pepper. He likes spinach and he ate Stuffed Shells with Ricotta and Spinach the other day. He is eating more and more 'meals' - the same thing I cook for Jory and I. His favorite thing in the world is fruit - all fruit. We limit it, though. If we didn't, he would be glad to survive on it. He has to eat his meal before he gets his fruit so that he's somewhat full before he digs into it.
He is really such an easy kid. I can take him anywhere and he's such a joy. I love that. We know that we are very blessed. He is still very structured. He would prefer you not mess with his nap times or his meal times and he'll tell you if you have. But he is about the sweetest boy in all the world. We love this Little Man so much and his personality is developing more every day. Such a wonderful time!


B. Meandering said...

Such a wonderful summary! Wow--he has been busy! I love the pics!
Your shelves are bare! You are so efficient!
Glad about the house!

Robyn Beele said...

You are so lucky he eats so well. I am not sure what Andrew is living off of!