Friday, April 30, 2010

The Kindness of Strangers

I have been following Rebekah's blog for well over a year. Her daughter, Cilla, was born two days before Aaron and we went through pregnancy 'together'.
I have now met Rebekah and she is just as sweet in person as she is online. But even before I met her, she knew that I was moving to Dallas and she put me in touch with two of her friends who live here!

These women do not know me, but they both were so sweet to invite me to do things with them and their friends and their children! One of them, Laura, is pictured below. She has a five-month-old son named Braysen. She joins several other moms every Wednesday for a few hours with their babies. She invited me to join them!!!

I couldn't go last Wednesday, but I could this Wednesday and they were meeting at the Dallas Arboretum. Which, by the way, is very cool. It is also kind of pricey and Laura has a membership that she got me in for free using!

Laura may very well be the kindest person I have ever met. She was so genuinely nice and all of the other moms were, too. I felt very comfortable even though I hadn't met any of them before. I had such a fun time and Aaron did, too. He was definitely the Old One - he showed all the moms what they have to look forward to in just a few short months!


Spicy Magnolia said...

Oh, Sara, what a blessing!! It looks like you had such a fun time and I'm thankful you have girlfriends up there to walk through mommyhood with!

B. Meandering said...

How wonderful! I'm so thankful God has placed you in "good hands."

Katie said...

Sara ~ So glad you met Laura! She is such a wonderful friend!