Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Weekend

This is going to be such a major picture over load and it is only Day One of the Easter Weekend Extravaganza! These are all from Saturday at John and Kim's. Easter really started Friday night right before Aaron went to bed when the doorbell rang and the UPS man dropped off Aaron's Easter gift from Grandma Sheri and Papa Tom. It was the sweetest book you have ever seen! We read it that night before Aaron went to bed and he was such a big boy and helped turn the pages.

Saturday morning we left early and headed to John and Kim's for the whole day. We stayed around their house all day. The adults relaxed, but Aaron sure was busy. He immediately ran out back and started filling his Easter bucket with plastic eggs. He knows how to open those eggs and he loves that there is always something inside. Well, not always. Some are 'duds' and he just throws those!

After his egg gathering he took a long nap and then Aunt Laura came over and gave him his second Easter present. He got a stuffed animal rabbit that he adores. He spent the afternoon playing in the dirt (he found a pot filled with potting soil and went to town). I have lots of pictures of that to post.

After all of that hard work he settled into his stroller for a long walk with Kimmie, Papa and Sandie. You should have seen him when he got back! It was about 4:30 and we thought for sure he was going to pass out for the night right then. We did an early dinner and a nice long bath.

As you can see, Aaron wound down for the night with some nice quiet play with Daddy!

He had such a fun day and he slept such a long time that night!

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B. Meandering said...

Such wonderful pictures! He's quite the big boy now! Thanks for diligently posting pics of the little man (and I'm pleased the outfit fit him---I love overalls on a little boy--brings out the boy and the cuteness all at once!)