Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Sunday

Aaron woke up at Kimmie and Papa John's on Easter Sunday to a basket brought by the Easter Bunny. Apparently, the Easter Bunny had originally bought Aaron a gift bag filled with presents. However, Mr. Easter Bunny informed Mrs. Easter Bunny that presents on Easter are provided in baskets. You would have thought the Easter Bunny would have known that. Never fear, though! As you can see, it was rectified before Easter morning.
The Easter Bunny was very good to Mr. Aaron. He got two little books about bunnies, a stuffed rabbit, a bath toy and a toothbrush! He loved the fake grass most, though!

Aaron got dressed for church and then asked to go outside and play with Sandy. We had to deny that request, so he just stood by the door and watched Sandy and Dots in the yard.

After Aaron's morning nap we went to Big Mom's so Aaron could tell his great-grandma Happy Easter. She bribed him with Cheerios and he sat on her lap for quite a while. It was very sweet.

Aaron got very comfortable at Big Mom's and we had a wonderful visit.

Then we headed to Grandad and Mimi's for lunch.

Of course, there was another Easter Basket waiting for Aaron. This was a very cool Lightening McQueen basket and it was filled with fun stuff like a tambourine and toys for little hands. Aaron loved all of these goodies!

There was also a real live Easter Egg Hunt set up in Grandad's house and the plastic eggs were filled with puffs and yogurt melts. Ooh! That was so fun! After the hunt, Aaron found a push popper (I don't know what you call it. It's like the push lawn mower Aaron has at home, but it's the one that was around when I was a kid and it's a popper. Anyway.) and had a grand time pushing it all around Mimi and Grandad's house. He was deep in concentration. We just don't appreciate how hard that boy works!
There are a lot more pictures from Grandad's, but this was already picture overload, so I am going to save those for tomorrow. Have a great day!


Spicy Magnolia said...

The bunny ears are so fun! And that was hilarious about the Easter basket. :) It's so special that Aaron gets time with his great grandma...what a gift!

B. Meandering said...

The bunny ears are so cool---he does love to wear things on his head. I chuckled about the basket too--imagine Mrs. Easter Bunny not knowing that!
He got quite a "haul!" I've not seen a McQueen car basket before--it's neat how his grandparents don't seem to duplicate each other!
He looks so wistful looking out the door. That's an "Ahhhh!" moment.
And one more thing--his hair looks really good combed that way.

Mrs. Nabors ~Wont You Be My Nabor said...

so cute, love the bunny ears!