Friday, April 2, 2010

Nature Boy

I am reminded daily how much Aaron loves to be outside. Every time I open the door to our balcony he hears it and makes a beeline. He'd much prefer to stay in the shopping cart and enjoy the breeze than get in the car and head home. And getting him into the house once we've gotten home? Forget it! He's gonna play outside.
It's been a little tricky in an apartment. Playing outside the apartment involves very little grass and lots of parking lot, so it is far from ideal. And getting in the car and driving to a park seems like a hassle. So, Little Man has not gotten his outdoor fill recently.

But this week I found this little area inside our apartment complex. It is right near the gated pool where Aaron can look in and watch the waterfalls. There are trees, plants and lots of mulch! People walk their dogs constantly and Aaron LOVES dogs. There is a gutter to play with and lots of dead leaves and ACORNS. Very cool.

There's also a bench that I can sit on. And this is the best part. Do you see how this bench has grooves filled up with leaves? This is a very big project for Aaron. He's got to move all of the leaves to the correct groove. It takes a long, long, time. And then the wind messes it all up and he has to start over.


B. Meandering said...

You should share the story about "the acorn." Such a gift--to once again look at the world through a child's eyes, and Aaron seems to view everything new as a wonderful, awe-inspiring discovery! How great is that?!

Melissa said...

He is so busy! What a doll! I'm glad to see that you are making the best out of apartment living.