Monday, April 5, 2010

A Few Pictures

We have a ton of pictures from Aaron's Easter Weekend Extravaganza and I will sort through those and get them up this week. It will probably take several posts. These are random pictures taken over the last week or two. The one below is of Aaron getting new Nike Shox at Kid's Footlocker.
We had such a good weekend, but I think my favorite moment was when Aaron started 'Fake Eating'. He had plastic Easter Eggs filled with puffs and he had eaten all of the puffs. Then he picked up one of the eggs and acted like he was picking up a puff between his finger and thumb. Then he put the imaginary puff in his mouth, fake chewed and made a big smacking sound with his lips. It was hilarious! He kept doing it, so Mimi asked if she could have one. Aaron marched right over to her and picked an imaginary puff out of his egg and put it in her hand.
Today he did it again.

I just love to see that mind working and I love that his imagination is starting to come alive. Such a fun, fun stage and a sweet boy!

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B. Meandering said...

He looks so proud of his new shoes---such a "big boy" moment!
Now I understand what you just meant on the phone about fake eating! How cute is that?!