Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Wrap Up and a Birthday

These are a couple more pictures from Easter weekend. Aaron's Easter went through Monday when he got his Easter Package from Grandma Beth. It had a dancing bunny in there that I will have to video tape. The bunny has sunglasses that Aaron really wants to pull off. They don't come off - at least not yet. Grandma Beth also sent some wipes! It's a good thing, we were about out...
The rest of these pictures were taken about a week ago. I love them! Today Aaron is 13 months old. I guess we are past the cupcake buying stage for monthly birthdays, but we couldn't help but notice that our Little Man is one month Bigger.

He's still a tall, skinny guy with a big appetite that accepts most foods. He is a busy boy who loves to be outdoors more than anything and adores dirt, mulch and sticks. He needs no toys outside. We spend at least an hour outside each day and Aaron keeps himself very occupied exploring the Earth.

Aaron's comprehension seems to grow daily. Sometimes I throw out little requests with no anticipation that he will understand, but he does. He really impresses us with how much he understands.

He is just about the happiest kid on Earth, I think. I just love the way his smile lights up his whole face and how his eyes smile, too.

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B. Meandering said...

His smile does light up his whole face and his eyes dance!
I bet he lights up the room with his smile.
Great pics of his time with Daddy.