Friday, September 3, 2010

18 Month Well Check

Aaron had a great doctor's appointment today! These pictures are not actually from today, but from the last two weeks.
We saw Aaron's new pediatrician for the first time. I LOVED her and so did Aaron! What a relief! She was recommended by my friend Leslie who hasn't steered me wrong yet. Aaron did fabulous during the appointment and just giggled his way through all of the poking and prodding.

He's 34 inches (95th percentile) and 28 pounds (75th percentile). He is doing great developmentally and is completely healthy.

He got three of his molars this week and is up to 11 teeth. He loves his Mega Blocks more than anything he owns. He loves his stuffed animals second. He is developing more words and says 'baby' when he sees a baby or a picture of one. He also points to Mama's stomach and says baby. It's awfully sweet. He can say 'Papa' now and he says it a lot.

He is still such a ham and a very sweet boy. He is a big helper at home and he brings us so much joy every day.

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B. Meandering said...

Always helps when EVERYBODY feels comfortable with the pediatrician.
Great stats and pictures and news.:)