Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pink or Blue?

We are so close to knowing if the next Allen will leave the hospital in Baby Pink or Baby Blue. We still have no idea and no preference. I go back and forth regularly between thinking it's a girl and a boy. If I had to choose one, I would say Boy because I secretly (or not so secretly) believe the Chinese Lunar Calendar (even though it was wrong for Aaron). Jory said if he had to pick he'd say it's a girl, but he doesn't have any reason for that - he just picked one. More people think it is a girl than a boy, but that may be because they want us to have one child of each gender.

We wanted a Biblical first name for our child. Our choices are:

Thomas Lobrecht Allen


Abigail Elizabeth Allen

We haven't decided if Abigail will be an Abigail or an Abby, but we are leaning towards Abby.

We chose Thomas because it is my dad's name. It is also the name of Jory's uncle who Jory thought so much of. We chose to call the baby Tommy as that is the name of a friend of ours who shows us daily how to glorify God in all situations.

Lobrecht is Papa's John's last name. Since he does not have any children bearing his last name Jory wanted to honor him this way.

Abigail is just a pretty Biblical name we both like. It means 'A Father's Joy' and I love that. Elizabeth was my grandmother's middle name. I very much wanted to honor her and my husband shot down the idea of naming a daughter Shirley...Elizabeth is also my middle name and my mom's name and Jory's grandmother's name, so it is wonderful on both sides. It means 'Consecrated to God' and I love that!


The Skaggs said...

Love these names! They're awesome! What special meanings and a great heritage!!

Spicy Magnolia said...

I still don't have a sense one way or the other about boy or will be very exciting to find out though! And I LOVE the names and the meanings behind them. Precious children you have!

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