Friday, September 3, 2010

Tyler, Day Two

Friday was such a big day! I didn't get very many pictures at Jennifer's house, but we were so excited to see this sweet girl. We went to visit Jennifer and Charlotte before the big party and the time went way too fast. Charlotte was born a few days apart from Aaron and Jennifer and I were in birthing class together. I love these girls! Charlotte and Aaron are completely opposite on skills. They always have been. Charlotte was laughing and babbling long before Aaron and she now has 65 words to his 7. Aaron was walking a month before Charlotte was crawling. It is cute to see them together. They still don't actually play together, but it's fun to just have them in the same room!
Then it was off to Chuck E Cheese! Aaron loved the ride with Chuck E! He had such a good time playing. The party was perfect. It was right when the place opened and it was on a weekday, so it wasn't crowded. I actually got to visit with my friends and Aaron got to enjoy himself without being overwhelmed by crowds.

Charity and John did a great job and it was so good to spend time with them and with my good Tyler friends. I really enjoyed this party.

Aaron did, too!

After 50 minutes of free play the party began. Aaron sat with all the big kids (though he was in a high chair). I was with the adults and got to watch Aaron being such a big boy. He ate his entire lunch with a adult-size plastic fork. Ever three bites or so he would put his fork down, pick up his water with two hands and take a drink. Then he'd carefully put it down and continue eating. I was just amazed watching him. He looked so big to me! He was very good and focused and did great!

This was just a wonderful trip for us!

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B. Meandering said...

He is very focused on whatever he is doing--that's an awesome trait that will help him in all phases of his life.
I love the expressions on his face when he's in the car with Chuck E and then with Builder Bob looking in!