Monday, September 13, 2010

Four Months

I am a little over seventeen weeks pregnant and I will enter my fifth month of pregnancy this week. It's hard to believe that I'm almost halfway done! The top picture was taken yesterday, the bottom picture was taken at the same time with Aaron. They don't look that much different to me, but they sure feel different. I have gained less weight than I had with Aaron (about half!), but I feel like I am showing way more. I feel like maternity clothes may come sooner with this one! Things are going well. After a completely symptom free first trimester, the second trimester (which is supposed to be the easy one) came in with a bang! I was thrown for a loop and was beginning to wonder if maybe I was done with easy pregnancies. But most symptoms are under control now and I am as comfortable as a pregnant woman can be in a State that has not yet received the memo that it is Fall!
I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and next month we will have the big sonogram. We are really looking forward to that. We enjoyed so much waiting to find out Aaron's gender until he was born that I am surprised at how excited we are to learn the sex of this baby early. We still have no idea what it may be.


Spicy Magnolia said...

You look soooo good!! And I agree: our State really needs to get the memo it's fall. This is crazy! I'm glad to know you're feeling better. :)

B. Meandering said...

Looking good! :)