Monday, February 13, 2012

Abby's First Birthday Party

We had Abby's party on Sunday afternoon. Her birthday is on Wednesday this year so the party was going to be several days before or after it. We thought a Sunday afternoon get together with family and close friends would be nice.I have a lot of pictures from the party, so I am dividing them into several posts. This is all the decorations. I found very cute evites with pink hearts that I fell in love with and Abby had a pink heart party. TOO easy this time of year! The food table had strawberry heart marshmallows, pink heart cookies and valentine candy corn. The picture behind the cake is a collage Kristi did of Abby playing with pink blocks that spell LOVE - the 'o' is a heart.
On the gift table we had her photo albums and scrapbooks from her first year. Below are the favors - conversation hearts in bags tied with pink cards with Abby's name.
The pictures I took each month of her first year.
The living room where everyone ended up.
The food table again with the very pink punch I made. Even the cake had raspberry filling. It was pink heart overload, but I think it turned out cute.
A close up of the cake with a bright pink candle!


Beth said...

Oh how absolutely adorable! Great planning! I LOVE that pic of her! Wow!:>)

Anonymous said...

Precious Party!!!!

Love, Dee & Papa

Anonymous said...


Dee & Papa