Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Party Day

We had such a good day on Sunday. We kept telling the kids that it was Abby's Party Day. Here is the Diva at lunch!Aaron was super excited, too.
He made these strawberry cupcakes for "Abby's Party"
While the kids were napping Jory and I decorated the house.
And munched on heart-shaped candy
Abby woke up from a good nap in a wonderful mood!
She had a Cheerios snack and was cracking us up.
We dressed her in pink for her pink party.
Complete with her bright pink kickers! Then we waited for the fun to begin!


Beth said...

I esp. like the second pic of her with the Cheerios--she looks quite pleased with herself and totally happy. :>)
I loved hearing the little man last night!:>)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Children!!!!
We are blessed!

Love, Dee & Papa