Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Party!

Grandad and Mimi were the first to arrive to Abby's party. They had a little while to play with her before the rest of the group showed up and she had such a good time getting that attention.Patty cake
Dancing with Mimi. Abby is a little dancer. Every time she hears music (even if it is from my mouth - and it's debatable that anyone would call that music) she starts dancing. Most of the time she just moves her shoulders, but she smiles real big when she's doing it. It is the cutest thing and it reminds everyone of Ray Charles, so we have taken to calling her Baby Ray. I am afraid it's sticking!
Presents were so much fun!
She got the hang of them real quick! She'd throw them on the flower and sign "More, Please"! HA!
Tissue paper was the best!!!
Mimi used one of the present bows to make Little Girl a bright pink hair bow.
She got SO many books because everyone knows Aaron won't share his - Abby needs her own!!

She is loving this Night Night doll from Mimi and Grandad.
But the Kitchen took the cake! Aaron helped Jory and Papa bring this in as the Grand Finale. Little Girl is loving it!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet Party for a Sweet Girl!

Love, Dee & Papa