Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Catch Up, Part Two

Wednesday April 10, 2013
This is Aaron teaching sign language to Baby Asa
Thursday April 11, 2013
After a weekend of nice weather it was down right cold this week.  Turtlenecks and sweaters (and sundresses).
Mrs. Mary sent me this class picture taken on Thursday.
The kids have swim on Thursday afternoons and I just love to watch them having fun with it! Rebekah Harris sent up a bunch of swimsuits of Cilla's and this was one of them.  SO cute.
Friday April 12, 2013
Instead of meeting Daddy for lunch this week we did breakfast on Friday.  We ate at Main Street Bakery which Aaron loves.

After breakfast the kids and I tore up the Farmers Market.  I think I have pictures of that on my phone.  Then when we were running errands Elizabeth Huffman texted and asked if we wanted to meet for lunch at Chick Fil A.  Of course we did so we got to eat with this cutie!  (Aaron took this picture).
Abby wanting her food please.
As always, we are in a different outfit after nap.  Lunch and play time is hard on our clothes.

After nap we ran some errands and then picked up Fuzzy's for a fun Friday treat for Daddy.  The weather was over it's cold phase and it was a beautiful evening to sit outside.

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