Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Miscellanous Stuff

This shirt says Joyful Easter.  Kristi gave it to us.
We have been in bit of a clothing drought for Abby.  She had a lot of 24 month clothes which she can no longer wear.  And she has a lot of 3T clothes that she can't wear yet.  We had been trying to figure out how to handle this middle ground and how much we want to invest in it when we got this blessing!  Look at all those 2T clothes!  I also got a call from Julie today.  She's at a Consignment Sale Presale and she loaded up some deals for Abby.  Love our friends!
Abby is in to changing her own diaper now.  She'll take her diaper off and get wipes and lay down and try to put the new diaper on.
This would be my children sitting outside the aquarium watching the promo video designed to lure mall shoppers into the aquarium.  We have aquarium passes, so we could have actually just gone in.
Eating at Rainforest Cafe.  Kids loved it!
Aaron called his dad at work the other day and told his dad excitedly that he had decided what he is going to be for Halloween this year - Cinderella! I wish I could have seen Jory's face.
I forgot a couple of signs that Abby knows when I made my list the other day:  'give me' and another one that I can't think of right now.  It was a type of food.  We also learned cracker and cheese the other day.

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