Thursday, April 18, 2013


Sunday was a super sweet day. Most of my pictures from that day are on my camera, so there are more to come.

I thought Abby looked precious in Cilla's super beautiful dress that Rebekah is letting us borrow.  I had a rough time getting a good picture, though.

I sure am glad that I took some before church though because there was a Spaghetti Dinner immediately after service that I had forgotten about.  I absolutely changed Abby out of this dress before lunch.  You are welcome, Rebekah.
I thought that Jory's Sunday School lesson was awesome on Sunday.  Such a fabulous start to the day. We sat with our friends the Clarks at the Spaghetti Lunch and had such a good time of fellowship.
Abby mowing after nap.

 Once everyone was up and ready we headed to downtown Grapevine where Thomas the Train was in town.
There were lots of fun, free Thomas things to do and play with.  It was a mecca for the Train Lover.  And then, of course, we rode Thomas.  Papa and Dee went with us and then we had hamburgers at Tolbert's.
It was such a great day.

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Anonymous said...

BIG train fun was had by all!
Love the afternoon with our sweet kids!

Dee & Papa