Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Family Fun Saturday

I know I have a lot of pictures from this weekend on my camera, but I will start with what was on my phone.

We headed out in the morning to drop something off at the Elliots' who were having a garage sale.  We visited there for a while and then went to look at something we had seen on a trade site.

At that point we were near Roanoke, so we walked around there for a bit and then ate lunch at Hard Eight BBQ
 After lunch Aaron danced to the country music on the dance floor
 Hard Eight is next door to Hey Sugar, so we stopped in the candy store before heading home.
 While the kids we napping our babysitter came over and Jory and I headed to the annual Masters Party at the Fisher's.  We LOVE this thing.  It was a great time and we saw so many fun people.

After the party we went out in Fort Worth and went to several places we had been wanting to check out.  We had a lovely dinner at a restaurant we had not yet been to and then we headed home. It was a fantastic day.

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