Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A few more Birthday things

 After Abby's nap on Saturday she ate one of her birthday cookies.  For an hour.  She seriously savored that cookie.  It was one of the ones with the black mouse ears.  As you can see.
 On Monday she and I went to the Disney Store at the Outlet Mall while Aaron was in school.  She wanted to have her picture taken by the giant football outside the mall.  She is wearing one of her new birthday dresses from Grandma Beth and new frilly socks from Dee and her Christmas shoes from Grandma Sheri.  !  :)
 On Tuesday she got to have a little Minnie Mouse birthday party at her school.  She took a dozen of her birthday cookies and favor bags with Minnie Mouse candies.  She was so excited to wear one of her new Minnie shirts and her new Minnie bow and her new Minnie barrette. 
 She ran up to her teacher and said, "guess what is hiding under my jacket?!?!"  then she ripped off her coat and said "MINNIE!"  and then she showed her the new bow.  And the new barrette. 
 And I took a picture of Aaron's shoes on Sunday at church.  Because I love them.

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