Sunday, February 16, 2014

Abby's Birthday - Post One

Whew!  I have over 100 pictures from Abby's Birthday, so I'm going to have to categorize!  We had her party here.  We were going to do a Minnie Mouse Party and after having her pictures made with the tea set her uncle got her and the Minnie her grandparents got her we made it a Tea with Minnie Theme. 

This was the invitation.  We invited her Sunday School class and everyone came, so we had nine kids and lots of Mamas. 
 The favors were individually wrapped cookies from my favorite, Amy Hayes!

 She always does a fantastic job.  You can't see all the detail on these, but there are tiny polka dots in the backgrounds and the tea bags are heart shaped.  We just swooned.

She had them wrapped in plastic and tied with lace and I added these tags with Abby's name on them.  She got a bunch of them when she was born and I use them every year for favors.  We may be out after next year, though.

 I put the cookies in an ear-shaped bowl I got from my Disney-loving friend, Nicole and put them by the door with a sign that said "Thank you for sharing in Abby's day.  Please take a cookies before you go on your way."

 We also had Minnie (and Mickey) mouse ears for all of the kids because my friend Janice made them.  Because she's awesome.  And she's met me. 


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