Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Weekend

Friday was quite the crazy day, so Abby ended up at the Chiropractor's office with me.  She was a bit concerned that "they were going to look at her back", but they didn't "because I'm a little girl."  We went to lunch with Aaron that day.  I go to lunch at his school once a week every single week.  It's a big deal to him.  Last week Friday was the only day it would work.  Which was funny because I had to be back up at his school in the afternoon, so it was a lot of running around. 
In the afternoon I was the Guest Reader in Aaron's class.  Parents can sign up to read the afternoon story once a week.  It's a huge deal for the kids because if your parent is reading you get a special seat right beside her in front of everyone.  A lot of times there is a theme for the book, but this week was Parent's Choice, so I let Aaron choose the book.  He chose Wings Around the Globe, a summary of the movie Planes.  I started to read it and he completely took over.  He has the whole thing memorized and he didn't miss a beat.  He held the book so the class could see it, he pointed out the pictures that his words referenced and he turned the pages at exactly the right times.  The teachers were crazy impressed (especially when he said Himalayas). 
The above picture is him reading to Abby at the Huffman's house on Saturday while other kids were playing.  So, ummm, anyway.  The whole reading an entire memorized book.  Totally didn't know that wasn't normal.  Cuz he's my first kid and he's always done it.  His teachers were quizzing me like crazy.  when did he start doing this (when he was born.  before he had words he would shake his head and point if I skipped or changed a word in a book we'd read before.)  how many times do you have to read it for him to know it all (once, generally) how many books does he have memorized (every one we own, plus every one he's ever brought home from the library)  that's amazing (really?)  YES.  That is amazing.  He will be an incredible student because he absorbs audibly (oh.  that's great.)
So, after Friday there was Saturday (I'm pretty proud of my boy, by the way. He stood with such poise and read that whole long book to his class.  I was very impressed with how slowly and deliberately he read and showed the book).  The Huffmans invited us and a couple of other families over for dinner.  SO fun.  This is Abby with Captain American ears on in the play room.
And when Elizabeth saw that Aaron had separated from the kid chaos to read to his sister Elizabeth made me take a picture of "my sweet kids".  Aaron found this Frozen book at their house and asked me to read it to them and then he read it to Abby.  To be fair, Abby has started to memorize books, too.  We read a lot.
After dinner we got ready for what was supposed to be a Sunday School Tailgating party in the church parking lot with our house as a backup.  Ha!  It was 30 degrees and sleeting.  We had 64 people in our home.  At the same time.  For two hours.  30 of those were kids.  WOW.  It was fun.

Everyone was supposed to wear their favorite team jersey to church that day.  I don't know who was in the Super Bowl, but I've never seen so much maroon outside of College Station.
It was really a Super Weekend.

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