Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Real Haircut

I took Abby to get her hair cut today.  I had to trick her into it since she has decided that she doesn't like haircuts and she goes into some weird terrified fit when I bring it up.  Which is strange since she's never actually had one.  She had bangs cut in when she turned one and she had them trimmed exactly once.  That was it.  And the trim was on her grandparents couch during a birthday party.  Not real traumatic.

 But it was definitely time.  Her hair is so straggly in the back.  And she ended up loving the haircutting experience and really loving the hair cut!  She keeps saying how much she likes it and how beautiful it is!


She got a full blow dry which is something her brother actually is afraid of.  He told her to say "no dry hair", but she loved it.

 Straightening it up at the end.  She did a great job.  She was so still and she held her head exactly where she was told to.

Afterwards we had Chick-Fil-A at one of the restaurants with an outside play area.  The weather is BEAUTIFUL right now. 

 Aaron is in preschool this year and I really mourned the time I was going to lose with him, but Abby and I have had so many sweet days just the two of us (like Aaron and I did the first two years of his life).  And it really is a precious time of sweet memories. 




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