Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The last seven days

On Tuesday nights kids eat free at Central Market and the weather was beautiful for playing outside so we met some Sunday School friends for dinner.



Ready for school on Wednesday.  I love seeing Aaron in polo shirts.  It's how I think of him.

On Wednesdays Abby has dance and swim and we have lunch together in between.  I had some coupons for Einstein Bros so we ate there.



Abby in her new night gown from the Elliotts on Thursday.  She loves it.  It makes her a princess.

On Friday I took my annual cupcake birthday pictures with the kids.


They are in PJs because we had a PJ Birthday Party that night at a bounce house place.


Aaron loved the big slide.  Abby did, too, though Mr. Huffman had to take her the first time.

Aaron's favorite part was the game table.

Group picture

Jory works one Saturday a month and this Saturday we went to visit him at work at lunch time. 



He took us over to TCU and showed the kids the classroom where he teaches.


Then we ate outside near the campus.


It was a fun time


This is Abby 'waddling' around the entire college campus singing "Waddle, Waddle, Waddle". We just don't know.


When we got home Aaron wanted to prove that he could still fit in the jogging stroller and Abby wanted to prove that she could push him.

That afternoon we went to Old Navy

Good hair, Miss Thing



On Sunday afternoon we went to Barnes and Noble.  The kids LOVE the book store

I guess I skipped Monday.  On Tuesday Abby wore her new dress and tights from Grandma Beth to school.  She was so proud of her colorful tights!
I had lunch with Aaron today.

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