Sunday, February 16, 2014

Before the guests arrived

We have never had either of the kids' parties on their actual birthdays.  Aaron's birthday is over Spring Break and in this part of the world everyone is gone for the week of Spring Break.  And the weekend before.  And the weekend after.  So his party is always a week before his birthday and then we make the actual day special for him at home.  Abby's birthday party has always been a few days before her birthday because that was the way the dates worked out.  But when we decided to do her party at our house we wanted to do a Saturday so she got to have her party on her birthday. 
This was when she first woke up on her third birthday.  Aaron was soooo excited to get her up.  He took her the Valentine present from Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom that had arrived the night before.  Abby knew that she was three!
The party was at 10, but we let her stay in her night gown pretty late.  She prefers that but I usually make her get dressed right away. 
Aaron was dressed in his Mickey shirt and playing with the party toys.

When she did get dressed she wore a teapot dress for her party and a 'Happy Birthday' bow in her hair...

And Minnie Mouse ears!




While we were waiting for people to arrive the kids read her new Minnie book with Jory.


When the first guests arrived Abby was waiting by the door with 'tea'.  Both Aaron and Abby were so excited about her party and everyone who was coming.

Here's a decoration picture I missed on the last port.  Minnie balloons and you can see some of the ceiling hangings.

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