Wednesday, August 6, 2008


We have just returned from our sonogram appointment. Our little one is alive, well and VERY active! The baby showed out for the sonogram - moving around like crazy. There is a very strong heart beat and the measurements exactly match how far along I am (10 weeks as of Monday). The doctor said I am very healthy and all is well. She sees no problems and doesn't expect any. Our parents have all been called again and given confirmation of the good news and I got to talk to my brother Doug who was very excited. We are thrilled and amazed! We did not expect so much at the sonogram! There are already hands and we could really make out all of the body parts. And to see all the movement was incredible!

We will now begin what I am sure will turn into several days worth of phone calls and e-mails and various other forms of announcements. As I know that many of you will be seeing this blog for the first time soon and will be coming here looking for details, I will go ahead and answer what I guess will be the most common questions:

1. No, I have not been sick. I have also not been overly tired. I feel wonderful and healthy and extremely blessed. I have really been spared most of the signs of pregnancy. I have had cravings. I crave fruit. I crave all fruit all of the time. I crave a lot of fruit.

2. It will be another two months before we can tell the sex of the baby. However, we don't plan to find out. That decision is not set in concrete, but for now we plan to be surprised. We have no preference on whether it is a boy or a girl and we don't think any of the grandparents do, either. Just give us a healthy baby. The room that will become the nursery is already yellow (it was that way when we bought the house) and we are going to go with that.

3. I am due March 3. Normal delivery will occur anywhere between February 17 and March 17.

That's all I can think of for now. I am anxious to share the news with all of you and we will keep this site updated.


Therese Filippi said...

I am so excited for both of you! Sara - you will be a wonderful mother! I don't know you Robert, but I am sure you will be a great father as well!!

God is giving you something very special to care for and raise for Him.

All my love,

ParentalUnits said...

That is great news! We are excited for you. Your grandmother and grandfather Hilliard would be thrilled. We are sitting here waiting for Ben and Casey to arrive in Evergreen.

We added you to our favorites list so will follow your progress. Love to you.

Anonymous said...

Having followed Ben's and Casey's adventures in Malaysia for two years on a blog, I think it's cool you're doing one also. This is definitely worth a blog. So happy for all of us, but esp. for you two. And having messed with a name with google before, I'll just stick to anonymous and sign off with--Love--- Ohio mom