Friday, August 22, 2008


What a big week! On Tuesday I noticed for the first time that I was "showing". This is different than the general thickness of four extra pounds, I can definitely see where the baby is forming. Yesterday, someone at work pointed out that I now have a "pooch". Since I was bothered so much by the extra weight and the general thickening of my waist, I am surprised by how comfortable I am with showing. I guess because I am starting to look pregnant (and people know I'm pregnant) versus fat it is exciting rather than disturbing.

We took a picture of me in workout clothes Tuesday night. We will put it on this site so that you can see the little pooch. We will do this every month to chart the change. We are going into the fourth month now. We didn't take pictures the first three months which would have been helpful for comparing, but none of this was brought to our attention until this weekend...we need so much guidance!

I also got on Iron Supplements Monday. What a huge difference! I am still more tired than I was prior to pregnancy, but it is a normal tired that comes with forming a baby. It is not the overwhelming exhaustion and the lack of ability to form any coherent thought. I am also taking a calcium supplement and have added a scoop of protein powder to a smoothie once a day. Both of these are per my doctor as extra insurance that I am getting everything Little One needs. I really am eating very healthy, but I don't have a huge appetite and I still gravitate towards fruit (and away from meat) and these supplements are just rounding things out some days.

This week (today, actually) we finally did what I said we would do a few weeks ago and got on all the daycare waiting lists we need to be on. I still want to look into home care, but if we were to go with a daycare we definitely needed to be on wait lists. One of the daycares we are guaranteed a spot in. It is fine and I like it, but it's not in a church which is my preference. The other two wait lists are for daycares in churches. One is generally known to be the best daycare in Tyler and the wait is averaging 14 months. We went ahead and got on it in case (1) we happen to get in or (2) we want to move the baby when a spot opens. The last daycare is at the church we have been attending. It also has a massive wait, but we will move up the list if we become members of the church. We will likely become members in the next three months. The fact that we have lived in Tyler for six months and are not yet members of any church is a story for another day. Maybe I'll have Jory write that one.

Finally, we have gotten SO many presents this week! And offers for baby showers! And offers for babysitting! It is wonderful how many people love this unborn miracle! The high chair still has a big bow on it and is now covered with cards of Love and Congratulations. We are so blessed with so much love from family and friends. And Little One is not going to be lacking for loving hands anxious to cradle the baby! We love you all and are so thankful for all of your support, advice and care. Thank You!

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