Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It Rained!

A lot! We got six inches! This has nothing to do with the fact that I'm pregnant, but it is very exciting! As a side note, I realize that about half of the people who read this live in Ohio and do not get all that excited about rain. However, the rest of you probably understand our joy. Our area has had significantly less rain fall than average this year and we are on burn bans and many places are on water restrictions. So, even though the thunderstorms kept me up last night, we are very thankful for the rain. We are less thankful for the fact that our kitchen floods when we have thunderstorms and we need to have some drainage work done, but that will be a story for another day...

On the baby front, Jory suggested we go to Babies R Us tonight. I am very excited! I am less excited about the fact that I have to call daycares today. We have not decided what we will do following the birth regarding my work and child care. However, the daycares in this area have a significant wait (one is 14 months!). So, if there's any chance we may use a daycare I have to get on a waiting list now. Just thinking about putting our baby in a daycare has caused me significant anxiety (which is why we are not yet on a waiting list when we have known about this situation for quite some time). There is no logical reason for me to freak out when I think about calling daycares, but I panic anyway. I was told this weekend, though, that this anxiety is VERY normal. I was told that by two mothers who may be lying to me, but it made me feel a LOT better. They also reassured me that there is no harm in getting on a wait list (which is logical; logic just isn't playing a huge part in some of my brain activities right now).

So, stay tuned. Tomorrow we should have some new purchases and be on a wait list or two.

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Anonymous said...

Have you considered placing an ad for someone to come to your house? Also there are ads of private day care homes (moms) like Barb that Mindy and Doug use.
I know for you other readers that there are several horror type movies out there about in-home nannies, but they are "HORROR movies."
I've been watering my flowers a lot this summer so can understand your excitement about rain, because we've not had it nearly as rough.
As for the fruit--remember--get the fine powder sea salt and soak the fruits and veg's in 1 tsp of it to a half sink full of water or a big bowl. Use veg. brush gently.
It gets the bacteria from handling and the pesticides off.
Love-OH mom