Monday, August 18, 2008

Gifts and Friends

We went to Fort Worth this weekend and saw Lyle Lovett and his Large Band at Bass Hall. It was an amazing show. We took a picture before the show to chronicle what I look like at three months pregnant. We will post it soon.

Being in Fort Worth, we got to see Kim and John which is always good, but now has the added bonus of including baby gifts! Kim had pulled out a beautiful blanket that Jory's great-grandmother had made for him when he was a baby! We got that and two adorable outfits that were John's when he was a baby. We also got an A&M Teddy Bear and A&M Booties. Note to Susan, Jim and all my relatives in Ohio - we are 12 weeks into this thing and the baby's room is overrun by Aggie Gear. Someone throw me a bone here!

I finally got to talk to Erica Fisher this weekend. She has been traveling since our announcement was made and though she has followed this blog I have not been able to hear her excited voice. It was so good to talk to her and get so many helpful hints for pregnancy and birth. Mostly it is wonderful every time we get to share our excitement with one of our friends or family members and hear how excited you are for us.

As far as pregnancy progress goes, I am holding steady at 4 pounds gained and am still having an uneventful pregnancy. HOWEVER, exhaustion has truly set in. Typing this blog (between thinking of what to say and actually typing it correctly) is taking me much longer than I care to convey. That is the way everything is right now. My doctor mentioned at our last visit that if I started to feel overly tired, I should add an iron supplement. When my pre-pregnancy blood work was done, my iron level fell at the lowest end of the normal range. So, there was some chance that I would need a supplement anyway once the Little One started sucking up my iron stores. Compounding that, though, is the fact that I have lost any desire I had for meat prior to becoming pregnant. Most of you know that desire was spotty at best, so my meat consumption has become almost non-existent. Don't worry - I am getting plenty of protein from eggs, peanut butter, etc. and my doctor is not concerned about my protein intake. I will just likely need to add iron. I am going to plan to get a supplement today and hope it takes effect quickly.

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