Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Can't Wear My Pants

I can't wear my pants. I can put them on, but I should not be wearing them in public. Not to mention that they are not comfortable. It is amazing to me that I haven't gained many pounds but my body has changed drastically. And I can't wear my pants. I have no idea what I am supposed to wear. I am not quite ready for maternity clothes. And, even if I was, no one has given me any yet. Since I have maternity clothes being loaned to me from a few people, I don't want to buy any until I see what I'm going to have available. My skirts still fit. Panty hose are super uncomfortable, though. And my legs are WAY to white to go without. I tried a spray tan which has worked well in the recent past, but it didn't end up looking good this time. I am wondering if those darned hormones interfered. I don't know. It's a dilemma. I can't wear my pants.


Anonymous said...

im not real big on pants either. They bother me too. I just do my best to fight through them. You can do it.

Robert Jory Allen said...

For any of you who are worried, my pants are fine.