Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Other Women

Other women are very excited that I can't wear my pants. They coo about it. They remind me there is a baby growing inside of me. They wax nostalgic about their own pregnancies. They marvel about the miracle of child birth. They get sentimental about the changes a pregnant body goes through. They do not offer suggestions regarding what I may be able to wear during this exciting time when I CAN NOT WEAR MY PANTS.


Leslie said...

Have you tried a rubber band? Loop it through the button hole and over the button. Might get ya through a few more weeks. There's always Liz Lange at Target!!

Anonymous said...

What about just buying a pair of nice black dress maternity pants that will go with most of your tops and at least some of your suit jackets? Even if you get a pair from your friends, you can always use an extra pair of black pants. The same with jeans.
Love--OH mom

Anonymous said...

HHMMM........a true problem I see... now is a great time for your Ohio friends to send you maternity stuff, as our season is about to change!! Or do Jory's pants fit??.....LOL