Thursday, August 14, 2008

So Tired!

I am exhausted. I know this can be a symptom of pregnancy, but in this case I think it is just a symptom of life. Last week, our a/c was out Sunday and Monday which did not lend itself to comfortable nights of sleep. Thursday night, we spent the night in Fort Worth and I just didn't sleep well at all. Usually, I would catch up on the weekend, but we were in Gruene with friends and were up late both nights with early mornings and no naps - lots of fun, but not enough rest. It has all definitely caught up with me. I am struggling in the mornings and my nerves are all but shot. Jory and I went to tour a daycare today and I about cried! I keep thinking I just have to make it until Saturday when I can sleep in. Of course, we are going to Fort Worth again Saturday and have a late night that night with a concert at Bass Hall. Then we are driving back on Sunday and there is a good chance there won't be naps on Saturday or Sunday again. I have to catch up, though- for everyone's sake! Luckily, after this weekend, we are HOME for many, many weekends. The Gruene weekend and the Fort Worth weekend had both been planned for a while and happened to be back to back, but towards the end of this month, I should get some much needed rest!

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