Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doctor Appointment

We had our 34 week appointment this morning. Our next appointment is in two weeks and then every week after that. At our next appointment, the doctor will start checking my dilation. We are definitely getting close. She said that we are now at the point that labor would not be stopped if I went into it. So, sometime over the next seven weeks Little One will enter the world! We've actually started a Baby Pool. For $5 you can pick the date you think Baby Allen will show up. Although Jory and I would both love to see this child sooner rather than later (especially me!), we are not optimistic. We both chose dates past the due date!

As far as the appointment, it was routine and all is very well. My blood pressure is something like 106/64. Just slightly above normal for me. The doctor loves the low blood pressure. I am measuring perfectly for being 34 weeks and the doctor said the baby should drop any day now (YAY!). Little One's heartbeat is 160. I told my husband that means I'm right - this is a girl. However, my father is still stubbornly insisting that I'm wrong. One of us is going to be incorrect and whichever one it is will be genuinely shocked as we are both so sure.

We met Little One's pediatrician yesterday and we loved him! He came HIGHLY recommended and he's an Aggie which is all Jory needed to know. He was great and I feel very comfortable with him. He is also conservative - especially when it comes to medicating - and I really like that.
Monday was our third Child Birthing class. We watched two birth videos. One even had NEEDLES in it and Jory was still completely fine. He's right - he is a rock! I am so glad to know that I will be able to have my husband by my side when I give birth.

Last weekend was a huge nesting weekend for us. Jory worked much harder than I did and the house is definitely ready for baby. The room looks really good. We still have to get the changing table and Jory's mom has some pictures for us to hang, but everything else is done and it has come together beautifully. Jory has also put together strollers, car seats, baby carriers, etc. Not to mention that the garage is FINALLY emptied out from our U-Haul trip a month ago! Whew! It was a big weekend and we both feel really good about what got done.

Saturday we head to Dallas to see the Pain Management nurse again and Monday we have a tour of the hospital and will complete our birthing plan. Yes, we are definitely close!

Update: Our changing table came tonight and it looks like it's going to match! We'll get it together soon and have pictures of the room!


The Williams' said...

You are getting close! I laughed when I read your post because I thought a high heartbeat meant it would be a girl, but Gage's has been in the upper 150 to lower 160 every time! It won't be long until you find out though, good luck!!

Robyn Beele said...

We are both getting so close!! You sound ready!

Flo said...

We delivered at ETMC. So right across the street from where you'll deliver! I hope & pray your delivery goes smooth...don't worry! Just get a ton of rest and drink a lot of water. I got dehydrated afterwards!

Jessica said...

You are getting so close!