Thursday, January 8, 2009


I fully believe that Little One has bruised a couple of my ribs. I tell my husband this many, many times each day. I have not gotten much of a reaction from him. Tonight I decided that I was frustrated with his apparent lack of understanding of how much pain I am in. He agreed that he had no concept of the pain as he had never bruised a rib. I suggested that we bruise some of his ribs so that he could show me proper empathy. He did not like that idea at all. He decided that someday he would have an ailment to which I couldn't relate and that would even out the fact that he can't understand my current pain. I asked him if he thought there was any ailment that would be comparable to carrying a child in your ribs. He felt certain there was. I politely disagreed.

In any case, look how cute he is with this baby carrier that Doug and Mindy gave us. He really wanted a baby carrier and this is a super nice one. And since he let me take his picture in it I guess I'll forgive him for being an idiot and not letting me bruise his ribs. Here are some more items that Doug and Mindy passed on. Look at how cute this Ohio State hat is! I was very excited. I think Jory was too, he was just hiding it very well.

This is a sleeper we bought Addy a while back. It's now been passed back to us! It's for 6-9 months. It's already hanging in the closet waiting for Little One to be big enough to wear it.


meg @ spicy magnolia said...

Yeah, there's no way Jory will EVER have something happen to him comparable to what it's like to carry a baby...let alone be kicked so much by a baby you have bruised ribs! He does look like such a happy camper in the baby carrier though that it would be hard to give him TOO hard of a time about his comment. But goodness, he's gonna have a bunch of girls after him if he keeps up with thinking he'll one day understand. :) LOVE the sleeper!

Jenna said...

LOL! I know what you mean. Brayden stayed out of my ribs until about 36 weeks and now its his favorite hangout! OUCH!