Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Okay, so there's a lot of stuff you have to do to get ready to have a baby. I have made an appointment with a pediatrician (he makes new moms meet with him before the baby's born), I've made an appointment with a birth planner at the hospital (we'll get a tour and design a plan for the birth), I've completed pre-registration with the hospital (you still have to register when you get there), I've filled out pre-admission data (this is somehow different from pre-registration though the information seems the same), I've signed up for a breast feeding class and we've attended our first child birthing class. Whew! I wonder what people do when they go into pre-term labor? None of this stuff would be done! It's amazing that the birth could even take place without all the pre-birth paperwork.

In any case, I've followed all of my instructions. I have NOT, though, taken my 32 week picture which should have been done yesterday and probably won't get done until tomorrow at this point. It's on the list, though.

We got our changing table yesterday, but it's lighter than the other furniture in the room - we knew that was a risk ordering online and we can return it to the local store, but we haven't decided what we're going to do.

We did attend the first child birthing class last night. There were seven couples. The instructor says that number dwindles by the end (the class lasts five Mondays) and there is one couple in the class that is due in less than two weeks(!), so they for sure won't make the whole thing. There are two other women that are due the same week as we are. There are three couples having girls and three having boys. We're the only ones that are making a surprise out of it, though the instructor says that's becoming more common. She also said that birth without drugs is becoming more common - who knew? The class was very basic last night. Next week starts the birth videos. Jory is nervous about those and the instructor didn't help by saying that men have passed out watching them before! Everyone keep him in your thoughts next Monday night.

Jory has a meeting in Dallas tonight so I'll be working around the house and hope to make a little more progress. We should get our bedding this weekend AND Jory's Aunt Jane is giving us a shower this weekend for the Allen family and a few of our friends that live in this area. So, maybe soon Little One's room will start looking like a real live nursery.

And, finally, the most important news: Ole Miss won the Cotton Bowl! Oh my goodness! First of all, Ole Miss WENT to the Cotton Bowl(!), but WINNING it? WOW. That was a highlight of my year that probably won't be overcome until Little One makes an entrance! On a sadder note, the Buckeyes did not fair as well in the Fiesta Bowl. They did, however, have a presentable score at the end which is some kind of victory after the past two years.

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~g~ said...

Oh my goodness, your blog makes me think of all the work I still have to do! Preparing for birth is definitely a learning experience.

I'm curious to know where you started when you were looking for the pediatrician.