Monday, January 5, 2009

32 Weeks

We'll take a 32 week picture tonight to post. I feel much better about being in my eighth month - when people ask how far along I am, at 7 months some would look at me like I was just way too huge. I think it's okay to be huge in your eighth month, though, so I'm comforted psychologically.

We had our doctor's appointment today. We go every other week now. It was routine and there are no problems. I've gained 26 pounds, my blood pressure is good, the baby's measurements are right on track and the heartbeat is in the 150s. All is well! We have been blessed with such an easy pregnancy!

We start our birthing classes tonight. We aren't sure what to expect...but I am excited to be starting them. The doctor told us today that it's time to get serious: Pre-register at the hospital, get a hospital tour, meet with someone to do a birthing plan, pack the hospital bag...I can't believe we are getting that close!

Between Christmas and New Years I did try to get a few things organized in the baby's room. I didn't get very far, but you can see the progress here.

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meg @ spicy magnolia said...

Hope you enjoy your childbirth class tonight! And the room looks great! How fun that Jory loves being such a part of all the room set up and decorating. It's all coming together so well!