Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Little One's Room

This is the quilt Jory bought a LONG time ago. It is now in the CRIB that my friend Sheri GAVE us!

Here's the crib! It is very nice and it matches the bed that will stay in Little One's room. I didn't take a picture of the bed because it has stuff ALL OVER it! We ordered a changing table and just moved a dresser into the room, so maybe we can finally organize all the wonderful things we have! I'm so proud of Jory for being able to put this crib back together ALL BY HIMSELF with no directions! WOW.

Here is the mobile that Jory bought over a YEAR ago! I swear we are not having an Aggie Room. Once we get our bedding and wall hangings maybe it won't look as over the top as it does right now. The mobile plays the war hymn real slow so it's comforting. It is quite nice.Here's the yellow room with the little wall hanging we were given when we first found out we were pregnant. It is precious. We definitely have some wall space to fill up, though!

Here's a dresser my dad made. It's been in our room as a night stand, but the wood matched the crib and bed so well that we moved it.

I grabbed this OLD wagon from my Dad and Sheri's basement. And then...I put some blankets in it! We have a LOT of blankets and I thought this made a cute storage place...Finally, this is a Willow Tree statue I was given for my birthday. It's called Cherish and the placard says 'Awaiting a Miracle'. As I am! Feeling this child now is so amazing! I can feel Little One's hands and feet and knowing that he or she is growing inside of me is beyond any feeling I know how to convey. This is in the living room, not Little One's room, but isn't it wonderful? My brother and his wife GAVE us this swing! It is a really, really nice swing and we are thrilled. They bought it with their last baby and I'm not sure it's been used much at all. It plays classical music and has nature sounds!We did get quite a few other things for Little One's room over Christmas, but they are still in the garage! We got home, unloaded the U-Haul and left most of it where it lay! We will start making some more progress after New Year's and I'll update with pictures. I should get the bedding, curtains, etc. in the next couple of weeks and that will make a huge difference. I am anxious to see the room come together!

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