Tuesday, December 30, 2008


We were so blessed by people over Christmas! You won't believe how many wonderful things we brought back from Ohio with us. And these pictures are only of the things that aren't still in the garage!

First and foremost, here is the reason we drove a U-Haul back from Ohio in the first place...this was my grandmother's piano. I LOVE it and I have been waiting many, many years to have a home in which to put it. Little One will learn to play on this piano and I can tell stories about sitting on the bench beside my grandmother as a child. I love this piano and all of the memories that go with it. Getting it was more than worth the U-Haul trip and I love my husband for understanding that.

Another family heirloom! This blanket was made for my dad by my great-grandmother! I actually have wonderful memories of my great-grandmother. She did not leave for heaven until I was in high school and she was a wonderful woman! She taught me to play Old Maid and I have great memories of her and being in her home. Look at this book! This was actually given to Little One as a Christmas present from one of the sets of grandparents that already love him or her so much!Grandma Sheri and Grandpa Tom even wrote a note to Little One in the book! I LOVE it! How sweet is that?Grandma Sheri also bought this bib for ME. It is my first non-Aggie college gear item! THANK YOU! I have been waiting anxiously for something to counteract the phenomenon that has taken over our house!This is my second favorite bib! It is from my grandmother who apparently knows that Jory and I are tax geeks. Sad, but true! We both loved this bib and probably shouldn't tell people that! And back to the Aggie stuff! But isn't this PRECIOUS! Look how little this cap is! Are babies really that small?!? It does stretch and isn't it just so adorable? Our friends Terri and John sent us this (along with a book I've been wanting!) for Christmas. It would be sweet anyway, but it's even more so because Terri is a Red Raider and John is a Longhorn. Now we love John and Terri and their beautiful one-year-old Dean, but we haven't bought any burnt orange items for them. It takes very special people to cross school lines like they have.Jory bought this. We went to Babies R Us to look at changing tables and he saw this. It says My 1st Thanksgiving and is the size that Little One should be next November. So, we already have an outfit to take to Ohio next year! Isn't that just cute?

And FINALLY, my favorite gift - well, part of it. This is a baby cookbook that I got that goes with my Williams Sonoma Baby Food maker that Sheri bought me! I wanted it oh so badly and I really, really did not expect to receive it! It is still in the garage, but I will take a picture of it very soon.


meg @ spicy magnolia said...

Look at all the fun things you got!! The Aggie hat is adorable! I received some tiny Aggie socks (my brother was an Aggie, so we are huge fans) for Christmas, and I'm waiting for my brother to give me some cute baby outfit for Polka. And I also got the Williams Sonoma baby food maker and cookbook for Christmas!! I can't wait to try it out; we'll have to share ideas and recommendations. :) I'm waiting to receive my grandmother's piano as well...whenever her house sells. Thanks for sharing all of these fun, special gifts. You're loved a lot!

Anonymous said...

With your stepdad having graduated from Ohio State, we'll just have to help out with your Ohio State "collection!"
I mentioned on the previous blog (thought it was all one) how wonderful grandma's piano looks in your home. I too have happy memories of mom and of mom and you playing that piano I know how much seeing and hearing you play it meant to her. I look forward to "little one" playing it!
From what you've said, the baby responds well to music, so hopefully the piano will be a hit!
Love-Ohio mom