Monday, December 29, 2008


Oh my! I have so much to post and so many pictures and I have no idea when we will get to downloading those. We are only in town two days before we head to the Lake for New Years! But I will start an update today and supplement as I can.

First of all, Christmas was wonderful! We had an outstanding time in Ohio and thoroughly enjoyed every minute! There's no way I'll remember everything, but I will put in what I can.

Traveling to Ohio was a bit of a stressor for me. I became very glad when I realized that I will not have to fly for eight more months. Little One was happy about that, as well. The stress I feel with air travel goes straight to Little One and, on top of that, Little One still doesn't like take offs and landings. Hopefully the baby will be a better traveler once it's born! We had a woman behind us on one of the flights with a small baby that was not happy. I said "Listen! That's what we'll be dealing with when we go to Denver in August!" The poor people flying with us. I feel as if we should do a public service announcement and warn them against a trip to Denver that weekend.

Traveling FROM Ohio was fine. Believe it or not, I was comfortable in the U-Haul and I didn't mind the long drive at all. I am actually pushing to drive to Ohio for Thanksgiving next year. Jory's not sold, though. He does admit that maybe a car trip would be better than a U-Haul trip, but he still has his doubts. He was much more uncomfortable than I was on the drive back! Of course, I had a pregnancy pillow behind my back and he was holding on with both hands to a U-Haul steering wheel in unbelievable winds (and fog and rain and on lightless highways)...

Little One was very, very active in Ohio. Before we went, the baby had crawled up under my ribs and stayed there for six full days. It was horrible! Horrible, horrible, horrible. You do not know. (Well, some of you might, but most of you don't). Anyway, on the first night in Ohio, Little One woke up at 5am and spent two hours moving down and out of my ribs - Thank God! I was so comfortable after that! My comfort level right now depends entirely on Little One's positions and movement. I guess getting out from the confines of my ribs gave Little One plenty of room to move around, because the activity was constant for the rest of the week - fine with me! Now I believe the baby is vertical and very, very long. I guess we'll see in two months (WOW!)

By the way, people are split 50/50 on Little One's gender. And it seems that everyone related to me believes Little One is a boy. Everyone who is friends with me believes we've got a girl. The only person that does not have any idea whether we've got a girl or a boy is Little One's Daddy! Jory is completely unsure and won't even hazard a guess!

This post is already getting quite long and I haven't even started on what we did in Ohio (and all the goodies we got!!!!!). I will add more tomorrow and will very soon get some pictures on here.

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