Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Weird Things

My husband wants an Odyssey. Many of you know that this is not a new desire, but it has certainly gained some fervor this week. My gosh, there are year-end incentives ON TOP of a bad market for automakers, do you know the deals you could get now? You could practically take the thing for FREE! Not to mention, you know, that a pack and play is probably not going to fit in the trunk of the Camry if you have a stroller in there, too. And don't you think we'll drive a lot more once we have the baby? I mean, trips to Fort Worth will probably increase and an Odyssey would be so much more comfortable and we'd have room for all the STUFF! Lord Help Me. I am going to be driving a mini-van before my 33rd birthday.

Speaking of my 33rd birthday. This is VERY weird, if you know me. My birthday is in ten days. I realized this today because today is Erica's birthday and I made a mental note to get a hold of her and it reminded me that my birthday must be coming up. In the past, I have treated my birthday like a national holiday with a countdown that begins weeks (okay, really, months) in advance. Everyone is very well aware of my birthday coming up. This year, I haven't mentioned it - I haven't even thought about it. I guess I'm growing up. In one year, I've gone from a single woman who thinks her birthday is really important to a married woman who is concerned only about her coming child, her husband and the potential of driving a mini-van in public.


Tamara said...

Too funny...we bought a minivan this year! Minivans are definitely the tighty-whiteys of the automotive world. It's amazing how many people cut us off on the road compared to when we drive our Impala. So, I started looking around, and it turns out there are a lot of beaten up and/or dirty minivans on the road. Minivan owners, unite! Keep your vehicle clean and dent-free and help bring the minivan the respect it deserves!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Sara for checking on Baby H and keeping us in your thoughts. We will keep everyone posted!!

Happy Early Birthday to you!


meg @ spicy magnolia said...

Wow, you really have had a lot happen in a year, haven't you!? That's a pretty special year! Me and my hubby have ongoing conversations about minivans versus SUVs...I'm an SUV girl and he teases me endlessly about buying me a minivan. We'll be in a sedan with Polka for awhile though; although I'm sure we'll start feeling pretty cramped in it sooner rather than later! ;)

Melissa and Sean said...

You are too funny! I am not a mini-van girl either. Sean always jokes and says that now we are expecting twins, it is time to look at mini-vans. We're sticking with the SUV if this Mama has anything to do with it. Good luck!!!